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Working alongside young people, Winkie Pratney is passionate about seeing people saved for Christ. He is committed to the journey of discipleship and shares his key for living a live of significance.

I had the second highest canning. They used to cane in the old days. They beat the fat out of your rear end. But being a scientist I designed a pair of shorts that were actually insulated. And they had cardboard in the middle so when you got hit by a cane it made a satisfactory whack.
When I graduated, got my scholarship for university and stuff I asked first my parents and my teachers if I could come back for another senior year. So I stayed on for another year and we saw a tenth of the school give their lives to the Lord that year. God put his finger on my career. And I got a hunger to see other young men and women meet the Lord and have their lives changed. All my lives i’ve worked with teenagers and college students so this is my 5th generation of them.
When a person faces this choice: Shall I really listen to God and do what he says? Or shall I go play my own games and see how they work out? I can tell you for a start, it’s not going to work out as well as you think. But when you do what he says, it is utterly amazing. So let me give you my two rules. I’ve only got two, I worked on them for fifty years. Here’s the first one. God is God and I am not and neither are you or anybody else you know. Give your life to him. There’s only one God and he’s the real one. Two: make it hard on God and easy on you because He can afford it, you can’t. If God is asking us to do something, he loves and enjoys what happens. To see how marvellous your life can be. That’s what they say at the end of time. That you are worthy because, for your pleasure they are and were created. We are the pleasure of God. I died, I mean that’s one thing. Just a few years ago. Attempted recovery from some very serious surgery in another nation in Korea. But here’s the shock of it, no fear at all. Not a a iota of fear. And no pain. I’m standing in a white room as far as I could see, nothing shining. No angels singing, no door to heaven. And there’s not a single piece of furniture, carpet or anything else in that white room. So then i’m coming back and I go, well if he’s not there or there, where is he? The best way I can explain it to you is this. It was like blinking. Just a hundredth of a second. And suddenly I realised, he’s not outside me. He’s inside me. He was looking out of my eyes and I was looking through his. When something like that happens, you realise this greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. And we have a treasure in earthen vessels. The power comes from another world not from us at all. For the longest time we did work on DNA to find out what the human body’s DNA looks like. We felt when we got that, we’d be able to solve all kinds of problems. What was shocking to us was to find out that that isn’t the bottom line at all. That there’s something that directly affects the genomes, the genes that isn’t person. That the way a person actually feels about life in their heart can rewire your system. It was all brand new things, most things discovered in the last 5 to 10 years. Nobody ever dreamed about that before. But it’s there and it’s in here. And he tells you what he can do. I never dreamed I’d be doing what i’m doing now. So whatever your background, if it’s screwed up, your horrible situations, you can’t stand this or that relative; that doesn’t matter when you know him. I want to see people not hurt anymore. I want to see them really become happy in a joyful real sense of the word. I wanna see them do something constructive and marvellous in their time.
And I want it to be real and passionate and amazing for them. I only know one way that’ll happen. That’s to plug their lives into the same one who plugged his life into me.

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