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I'd studied architecture and then really wanted to be able to push the boundarie...

The Oneill Twins

Growing up as a twin, we've never had to go through that lonely stage because i'...


I was always from a young age the one who really didnt have a voice, didnt have ...


One day i'd be really happy and then another day i'd just notice that something ...


From a very young age I was made aware of my size. I've always been big.


Growing up I had a great childhood, I come from an italian background so really ...


I was really lucky to have a really awesome childhood.


Mum's paraplegic, she gave birth to four kids and raised us all by crawling arou...


I grew up in a family of 12 children in the Mocratic republic of Congo. That's c...

Rima & John

We met on a wednesday night which is irregular for me. We got to know each other...


I grew up in a greek orthodox family. I come from a very loving supporting famil...


So I grew up in a christian family with a mum and dad who loved me so much and l...


So round 10 or 11 I'd changed schools and I wasnt the popular kid anymore that I...


My name is Bashar, I was born in Iraq in Bahgdad the capital. When I was 8 I cam...


My name's Tyge. I moved here from South Africa when I was 16 years old with my f...
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