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Held captive by her past, Trish was ashamed of her involvement in the world of drugs. Desperate for freedom she decided to share with her husband and allow him to love her just as she was.

My teenage years were my worst years. I was very hard on myself. I isolated myself a lot and I just felt really really ugly as a girl. I didn’t like myself, I didn’t like who I was. I was just really hard on myself. Tried drugs and theft and just tried to feel accepted. Cause when people would say thanks Trish, you’re amazing; that was kind of like the the only thing that made me happy. But really it didn’t. Because I was lonely. So I’d lie in bed at night and I would actually think of ways to take my life. Meeting Joe, he was your typical business man, kickboxing instructor, fit. And I was this rebellious junkie, out of control. But he didn’t know that the day I met him. So I kind of fooled him, cause I was good at that. He would pick me up, take me out on dates and he would drop me off at a house that wasn’t mine. Cause I lived in a unit with a heroine addict. So I just chose a really nice house a few streets away. It was a big double story house and I thought that’ll do. So I told him that you know my father’s a very strict Italian man so don’t drop me off at the front, just drop me off a few doors down. And he even loved that. Three months later we just got invited to this church service. The one thing about that service and going back Sunday after Sunday was really realizing that I was valuable and that hey you know what, I’m sure he’s got a past. I sat with Joe and just told him the truth and got ready for him to throw me out the car. I remember exactly the time and the place. He just looked at me after I had said this is who I am and this is what I’ve done. I said actually when I was falling asleep, it’s cause I’m using drugs. I’m actually going to court because of theft, so this is who I am. And I get it, I lied to you and there’s no reason for you to still keep a relationship with me. And he said I don’t love you any less. He said I love you more. He goes I just want you to be honest with me. And that was it, oh my goodness. I just cried and cried. Not because I was miserable but because I was free and I had found someone that I could talk to and that I could trust. I’ve always just had a need to just love people and you know encourage and just walk alongside of them. Because people did that with me. You know being in the fashion industry was never on my to do list. But with what I’m doing today, I guess being a personal stylist, i’m constantly just talking to men and women about themselves and image. For the first time ever I’m actually living my dream.
And it was like God saying to me, I want you to just encourage, speak over them. I’ll give you words for them; otherwise just tell them that they’re amazing or just speak life. I don’t regret any of the past. I am ashamed of a lot of it cause it’s nothing to brag about, but it’s taught me today to understand brokenness. To understand humility. To understand true beauty. Cause true beauty is not just a look, a style. It’s inner beauty. It’s Christ. I guess I can use that, that’s my tool. I understand why people feel and live the way they live. Cause I’ve been there, done that.

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