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Mei’s father was in & out of jail throughout her childhood creating instability. After countless male relationships left her empty and feeling abandoned she cried out for things to change.

My father was in jail a lot when I was young. He wasn’t there when I was born. When I did finally meet my dad at 5 years old, I thought that I was going to get that love that only a dad could give. But he didn’t love me like a daughter. He tried to bond with us but he couldn’t, cause he had been in jail so many times. He came out of jail and he saw me as somebody different. He did a lot of things back then that weren’t very nice. I was around 16 when there was an incident with the gang. It was very traumatic and it left a big scar. It was a very hard time. I went spiraling downwards and I did feel that the world was against me, that men were cruel and God wasn’t there. And so I walked around a lot with weapons to protect myself, because nobody was going to look after me. I had to get out there and try and live, and that’s when I met my husband. Not too long after that I gave my heart to the Lord and then at that time we had two children. And within the next year we got married. Two years later we left the church and so we went downhill again. And I thought that the only place I was going to be really happy was with drugs and alcohol and gambling. And so he left. And so now I’m there with 6 kids and I’m the party girl and the kids are looking after me. They could see me like that and it was a real horrible place. So I knew I had to change but I had to face the truth which was I can’t take any more of this. I can’t handle this life and I need to change. And so I went back into my room. I went to my room and I hit the floor and I said “Lord do you remember me?”Do you still remember me after all these years? Can you forgive me?” And he did. And so within two weeks I had asked my husband to come home. He always wanted to come home but I had to get over myself first. And so he came home and then he restored our marriage. He restored our family and since I’ve been in the Lord these last 7 years or so he’s taken the drinking away. Took a while, but praise God it went. The drugs and the cigarettes. I’m just feeling a lot healthier within myself. But now I know that this relationship that I have with God is really personal. It’s between me and him and nobody else. The kids are learning too that they have a relationship with God. There’s nothing like Him. There’s nothing like it anywhere and I’m just so thankful to God, because I know that I couldn’t have done this on my own. I know that with Him there beside me, I’m able to do what I need to do to get to where he wants me.

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