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David & Paea

257 |   Sep 2016

David & Paea struggled to have children. Two IVF treatments left them feeling heartbroken. Looking beyond their present struggle they found that hope was not for their tomorrow but in their today.

D: We got married in 2002 and it wasn’t until maybe 4-5 years into it that we started looking into having children.
P: Yeah that’s from a very young age, you know always wanting to have kids. And I think typically being brought up in an island family, that’s pretty much where my desire started with wanting to have kids. Seeing everyone else getting pregnant and giving birth, I started getting quite sad, a bit depressed. Definitely happy for them but I was just wondering, God why are we not having babies?
D: For me myself, I was totally lost as well. I felt like I actually didn’t know what to do, to be honest.
P: Both Dave and I had to have all these sorts of tests done. We went to see her (the specialist) after the tests. The results had come and she advised that we couldn’t conceive naturally. And so the only way of us having a child was to go through IVF. We had two cycles. Both had a negative result and so we both decided that we really wanted to have another go. We didn’t care how much it was gonna cost. We wanted this so badly, we were gonna go and do it.
D: I actually can’t remember what I did, but I remember going to the shop and then I just didn’t wanna be around.
P: Mm.
D: And then coming home and finding out the news was the best. The best news hey.
P: Yeah. Mm.
After so many years you know, that our prayers not only for ourselves but our prayers from our family, our friends has come into fruition. We can actually see God’s miracle that’s actually happened in our lives. Finding out that we were pregnant was just like “oh my gosh”.
D: Day of joy that day eh?
P: Yeah definitely. On the 24th June 2012, we had a baby girl. Abigail Paia. It’s been the best thing that’s ever happened.
D: When we were going through this process, it was really hard. Because you know right the whole way through, these things aren’t happening and all these mind games are playing. As in, you know “what, what are you doing?” “Why is this happening to you?” and that sort of stuff. So for me it was just a matter of getting into the word. And it just drew me closer to God rather than just wanting wanting wanting, all about me, all about what I want.
Having Abbie but then that whole way through, God just taught me to say it’s all about our relationship with God and drawing us closer to Him.
P: And now we really experience the true meaning of joy having Abigail in our life.
D: Mm.

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