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Abby - Dream Husband Story

My childhood was very heavy. Mum was not in the space to be having a baby.

Alana - Loss of Mother

Growing up as a little girl, I lived a pretty normal childhood. Happy kid, loved...

Andrew - Weight Loss Success Stories

My life was the best it could be. I moved to New Zealand ten years ago and I was...

Angelica - Give It To God

I grew up in what I thought was a typical island family. I have six brothers and...

Clayton - Healing From Brokenness

I was the first born. Mum was married to a driver in the New Zealand army.


So my parents came from Samoa. We came from the catholic background, I didnt rea...

Marlon - Trusting God Completely

I was actually quite a sick baby. And I was diagnosed with a liver disease and i...

Tim - Red Frogs Volunteer

I used to love playing football. Ever since I was five, played it every saturday...